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You. Forever. Always.

You. Forever. Always. - K.A. Merikan 4.5


“I’ve been incomplete without you. You’re the only one I ever needed, and the only one I will ever need. No one else would do.”

it's always quite sad reading the final book in a series,saying goodbye to characters you've come to love.This series has a variety of couples that work together and as a group....a bit dysfunction at times but always loveable.

You get craziness with Dusk and Lolly,

Kinkiness with Sid and Asher,

And sweetness with Mage and Dawn.

Ever since I started this series,this is the one I've been dying to read and it was everything I hope it would be.Mage and Dawn couldn't have been more perfect for each other.Dawn's anxiety was handled with great sensitivity here and Mage's devotion to him was a joy to read.

Best friends from a young age Mage and Dawn's relationship has developed into something much stronger with a mutual respect for each other.This was the sweetest of slow burns.... Neither of them had ever been intimate with a man before and it was beautifully written with feelings galore and the Epilogue was truly adorable.

Could be read as a standalone but you'd be missing out on two other great couples in the first two books.

Review copy.

Something Like Winter

Something Like Winter  - Jay Bell 4.5


I'm not apologizing for fangirling again here.I've read this and book one back to back and have absolutely loved the writing,the characters,the angst,the feelings.This Author's writing just pushed all my buttons.You know when something works for you,when you're glued to your kindle and cannot wait to get back to the story.

A companion novel to Something Like Summer but it's so much more than that.This isn't just the same story from a different POV.It takes the reader into Tim's world,his thoughts and his story when he wasn't with Ben....

I can imagine people not liking Tim in book one but I always knew there was so much more to him and you'll fall in love with him here.

This book,and book one,tells the story of two teenage boys whose connection is undeniable but life gets in the way with all the expectations and prejudices they face along the way.Spanning over a decade, it's a love story that I wouldn't have missed reading.

Highly Recommended.

Something Like Summer

Something Like Summer  - Jay Bell image

My twirling has gone into overdrive here.I'm on a bit of a roll with all the 5 Stars I'm throwing about but this one definitely deserves it.

I absolutely loved,

-the writing,

-the characters,

-the drama,

-the angst,

Yes,it's not all sunshine and roses....I couldn't read through the tears at one point .....but this book is the reason I love reading,I was swept up it this story and I'm so glad I read it....

The only thing I didn't love was not getting Tim's pov but that's about to be rectified......off to start book two and get inside his head.

Highly Recommended.


Enlightened - Joanna Chambers PERFECTION

“It’s just, I’ve loved you for so long, David. I really didn’t think you felt the same way.”


I've been fully immersed in David and Murdo's story this week and my only regret is that I didn't finish this series sooner.

Trust me,if you're a fan of MM romance and Historical romance this series is a MUST read.

I'm very late to the party here,there are so many great reviews about so I'll just say....MURDO....I honestly couldn't love a character more...

I feel as though I should be quoting Shakespeare...something profound to explain how much I adored this character but I'll just show how much I was into him,






Highly Recommended!!


Beguiled - Joanna Chambers 4.5

“I don’t know what this thing between us is,” Murdo said, and he sounded genuinely bewildered. “But I can’t give it up. I can’t give you up.”



I honestly don't know why i waited so long to read this after [b:Provoked|34933997|Provoked (Enlightenment, #1)|Joanna Chambers|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1492846745s/34933997.jpg|24803651].It's official,Murdo and David have moved up to second place in my favourite MM couples list!


-delicious clandestine meetings,

-smouldering passion and sexual tension,

-great plot incorporated into the story so well,


Off to start book three.

Return on Investment

Return on Investment - Aleksandr Voinov 4.5

"Bankers like to think they are special.Court them.They like a bit of foreplay before you bend them over for the deal."


Note to self: Read more books by [a:Aleksandr Voinov|3074905|Aleksandr Voinov|https://images.gr-assets.com/authors/1471073279p2/3074905.jpg],because I'd forgotten how much I love his writing.

This is an intriguing,addictive MM story set during the 2008 financial crisis.....something I can remember well,not because I had enough money to be affected but I can remember my mother frantically moving her money around.It's very well portrayed and shockingly believable.


The story centres around Martin David,a financial analyst...he's eager but inexperienced.His boss, Francis De Bracy is the ultimate workacholic.Always professional,always able to turn on the charm when necessary.....intense and broody..and Martin can't resist the pull of the man...

In the cut throat world of money,it seems some people will stop at nothing to achieve their goals and Martin finds himself caught up in a game of sexual manipulation and ruthless behaviour...

And let's not forget the third player, in this story...Alec Berger....


Alec is a charming,seductive,and highly driven towards his goal....

This book ticked so many boxes for me...,

-authentic London setting,

-an intense,compelling plot,

-some seriously hot sex scenes,

-and,hello....who doesn't like men in suits getting their kink on??

There are two books in the series,and I'll definitely be reading the next one,but this could be read on it's own....finishing with a HFN.

A recommended read...

The Song of Achilles

The Song of Achilles - Madeline Miller All the Stars! One of favourite books this year.......

I could recognize him by touch alone, by smell; I would know him blind, by the way his breaths came and his feet struck the earth.(...)


More pics,







I confess to knowing virtually nothing about Greek Mythology.I had,however,heard of The Trojan War and Achilles but that's about as far as it went.Throughout the whole book I was desperately trying to resist googling this myth....was it accurate? And after finishing it I couldn't read the myth fast enough,and from what I read the Author seems to have nailed it.There seems to be some debate about whether Achilles and Patroclus were actually lovers or just friends...I'm firmly in the former camp.

This book is a Masterpiece.I'm pretty sure it must have been a labour of love for the Author,after all it took her ten years to write it and I'm so glad I've read it.

This is a beautifully written love story...

Friendship,a deep love,war,gods,demi gods....my emotions were all over the place throughout this epic story.Told through the voice of Patroclus it traces the two men's lives from young boys into adulthood.If you know the myth you'll know what happens but you won't be prepared for how beautifully,how poignantly the Author tells their story.There are already loads of fantastic reviews out there....but if you don't know the story I would try and avoid reading any because a lot contain spoilers and trust me,go in blind and enjoy this truly special book,

Favourite quotes,

We were like gods at the dawning of the world, & our joy was so bright we could see nothing else but the other.

I will never leave him. It will be this, always, for as long as he will let me.
If I had had words to speak such a thing, I would have. But there were none that seemed big enough for it, to hold that swelling truth.
As if he had heard me, he reached for my hand. I did not need to look; his fingers were etched into my memory, slender and petal-veined, strong and quick and never wrong.

Achilles was looking at me. “Your hair never quite lies flat, here.” He touched my head, just behind my ear. “I don’t think I’ve ever told you how I like it.”

He is half of my soul, as the poets say.(...)

The way his hair looked in summer sun. His face when he ran. His eyes, solemn as an owl at lessons. This and this and this. So many moments of happiness, crowding forward.

In the darkness, two shadows, reaching through the hopeless, heavy dusk. Their hands meet, and light spills in a flood like a hundred golden urns pouring out of the sun.

Highly Recommended....my hangover is going to be just as epic as this book.

The California Dashwoods

The California Dashwoods - Lisa Henry 4.5

Maybe love was choosing to believe that it would all work out in the end.


A modern take on Jane Austen's classic Sense and SensibilityI'm sure most people know the story but even if you don't you won't want to miss this little gem.

When Elliott Dashwood's father dies,leaving his family with barely enough to get by,they find themselves shunned by the remaining(wealthy) Dashwood family.

Elliott,Marianne,and Greta are the product of Henry's second marriage to their one time Au Pair,Abby.Henry and Abby were reckless,in love but didn't forsee the future and provide for their children...so it falls to Elliott to take care of them.

Elliott Dashwood is sensible,always a quiet boy but happy to watch people.Not one to take risks,preferring to keep his feet firmly planted on the ground....definitely not prone to flights of fancy....until he meets Ned Ferrars who comes to visit after his father's death.The two young men share stolen kisses,a brief encounter with Elliott daring to dream of something more.

The story of Elliott and Ned is not the main focus here,as the title suggests it's about the Dashwoods with all their flaws,quirkiness,optimism,and overall love for each other.

You get wonderful characters in,

-Marianne....a bit of a free spirit,she believes in love and romance and throwing caution to the wind to get it.

-Greta,sarcastic,quirky,wonderfully different from the stereotypical 13 year old you would expect.

The relationship between Elliott and Ned couldn't even be classified as a slow burn,because they don't feature together on page much at all BUT, trust me it's quite special as you get inside Elliott's mind with all his feelings and thoughts.

If you've read Sense and Sensibility you'll know to expect twists and turns before the main characters get their HEA.....and this book was a delightful take on the original.

This was just a joy to read from start to finish and I would highly recommend it.

An Arc of The California Dashwoods was kindly provided to DirtyBooksObsession in exchange for an honest review.

My reviews are posted on DirtyBooksObsession

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Hard Line

Hard Line - Sidney Bell 3.5


Tobias was always a good boy,eager to please.When he was young he announced he was going to be a doctor so he could spend all his days with his Papa....
What he hadn't expected was that,when he got older,it would be a given that he would follow in his Papa's footsteps and go into the medical profession.The pressure of expectations proves too much for him and his actions cause him to be admitted to The Woodbury Centre where he meets Church and Ghost who along with Tobias were introduced in book one.

After his treatment and back at home,life is still a struggle for Tobias.When he discovers a secret his adoptive parents have been keeping and when Ghost goes missing he moves out....he's determined to find Ghost whatever it takes.

Sullivan is a PI,working on a case when their paths cross.Could his case and Tobias's search for his friend be linked? And can these two men give each other what they need?

I found the plot quite complex at times and had to go back and read a few scenes more than once.I was terrified I was going to miss something vitally important.

Sullivan likes to dominate,something his previous partner wasn't really into to and Tobias didn't seem to know he had submissive tendacies until he met Sullivan.
Unfortunately,I didn't feel the connection between them as regards to the D/s relationship and some of the sex scenes seemed too clinical for me...I wasn't getting any real emotions.In fact I enjoyed their relationship away from sex more.

Overall,it was ok and I'll definitely continue with the series because I absolutely adore Ghost....I simply cannot wait to meet the man who will tame him.

Review copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley

Guns n' Boys: Gilded Agony

Guns n' Boys: Gilded Agony - K.A. Merikan All the stars!!

"Sometimes I think it's impossible for two people to be so closely connected.Maybe we've met in a different life."


Seven books in and this series just gets better and better and how many series can you say that about?After years of reading MM romance books,Dom and Seth are still my favourite couple.In this book K.A. Merikan once again grab your attention and don't let go in what is my favourite book in the series so far.


This one is brutal in terms of Dom and Seth's relationship....

Seth seems to have the perfect life.Lazy days spent with their daughter Angelica,tending to his beloved chickens and hours spent in his beautiful kitchen creating wonderful food for his family.And,really,whatever he wants he eventually gets from Dom.But resentment is starting to creep up on him.Is he really happy being Dom's Trophy husband?....he might have the T shirt but is it enough?

For his part Dom is determined to keep the ugliness out of Seth's life as far as his work is concerned.After all Seth made it very clear he wants no part in any violence but is Dom's over protectiveness about to back fire in the worst way when a new face arrives at their home turning their world into chaos.

No matter how strong their love is will it be enough this time?

As usual,these Authors don't hold back.....they are never afraid to go there... and there are some shocking moments here but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Reading a new chapter in Dom and Seth's life always,without fail,makes me happy because along with the violence and self destruction it's a powerful love story,definitely not always pretty but completely compelling.......

Review copy provided by the Authors.

My reviews are posted on DirtyBooksObsession

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Oskar Blows A Gasket

Oskar Blows A Gasket - Al  Stewart, Claire  Davis 4.5


You know when you read books by your favourite Authors and they all end up using the same format with different characters?

Well,that's not the case with these Authors,their stories are brilliantly unique and this is no exception.

Everyone might not appreciate it but I absolutely LOVE how they keep it British.

Oskar is pretty fabulous, or at least he thinks he is,

From his,


-love of six inch heels,

-make up,


When he walks into a room he wants people to notice him,to be the one everyone's attention is focused on...if people snigger behind his back all the better because the focus is on him.So what if he tells Tall tales and tries to make himself appear mysterious/alluring....after all,so he tells people,he's the secret love child of the 80's icon Simon le Bon....and hello,all the drama that goes with it.....if there isn't drama there will be as far as Oskar is concerned.

But,behind all that sass there's an 18 year old boy hurting...terrified to let anyone get anywhere remotely close to him...


Gareth who Oskar names Bear....you'll have to read it to get it.....

Gareth is the polar opposite to Oskar.He wants to fit in,wants to be accepted but,above everything,wants to be Loved

Oskar and Bear meet on a train destined for University in Bangor in Wales.Was their meeting destiny/fate....I like to think so....

Mixed with all of Oskar's delicious sass and Bear's insecurities this is a quite poignant story in more ways than one.

More pics,







This was Totally my thing...

A recommended read...

Review copy

Every Time I Think of You

Every Time I Think of You - Jim Provenzano 5++ Stars.

"Every time i think of you,it always turns out good...


I stumbled across this one quite by accident after seeing a friend's status update and I just knew from the beginning this was going to be special.This Author can write and I'm still surprised by how many wonderful MM Authors that are out there that don't have more recognition.

I feel as though I'm repeating myself here but if you're interested in reading this don't read reviews because quite a few give indications about the subject matter.

This one completely stole my heart

It starts with a strange sexual encounter that will connect two characters and have a profound effect on their young lives.

Everett is beautiful,popular,enigmatic and has an easy charm about him.

Reid is a bit awkward,no one really sees him.

Their story is quite beautiful but not always easy to read but I just loved it.I read this in one sitting,I couldn't read it fast enough.Trust me,even if YA isn't your thing but you love MM ,this one will captivate you,

“There are so many things we can’t do, places we can’t be ourselves. Here,” his upward glance drew me to the dark tree branches, oaks mostly, canopied above us, “God sees us and likes it.”

But, you know, I hope you don’t mind me calling you my boyfriend. I’m not sure what we are, except you’re the most important person to me.(...)

…” I couldn’t explain how he’d inspired me, driven me to grow, and by loving him love myself. “(...)

“Are you happy?” “Every time I think of him.” Helen folded a sweater and said, “I guess people who are meant to be together will always find their way.”

And that last quote really is what this book is about

I can't really put into words how much I loved this book.The story is narrated by Reid but at no point did I feel the need to hear Everett's voice because Reid's voice is really all you need here.

It's a powerful story.A powerful love with all the insecurities that are inevitable with young love.

Highly Recommended.

The Blueprint

The Blueprint - S.E. Harmon
I was a walking,talking cliche--the gay man secretly pining for his straight best friend.


Friends to Lovers story with two highly likeable characters with great sexual chemistry.

Ever since I read [b:P.S. I Spook You|35154638|P.S. I Spook You|S.E. Harmon|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1494948105s/35154638.jpg|56481268],I've been a fan of this Author.I love her writing and she always delivers on the witty banter.

Blue and Kelly have been best friends forever.Inseparable in their youth and their strong friendship hasn't wavered over the years.Sure,they love each other but what Blue didn't realize was that Kelly has been in love with him for as long as he can remember.

Blue is a successful NFL player.It's his passion,his life.He's never really been interested in anything serious and he's definitely not been attracted to men before.

Kelly is a Physics Professor and what can I say apart from the fact that I absolutely ADORED him,


He's gloriously geeky and a bit of a hipster type with his piercings,tattoos and he's got a whole lot of sassiness going on.I could have read about him forever.And he's out and proud.

When Blue gets drunk one night things get messy,a bit complicated....something neither of them saw coming.Blue definitely finds it difficult to embrace the physical attraction he's feeling towards Kelly.He's always been possessive in a friend's only way but this is something completely foreign to him.

I kind of got Blue.I don't think he consciously led Kelly on with the friends with benefits thing,I just think he was really conflicted and yes,there was a lot of back and forwards between them until Blue finally acknowledged his feelings.He definitely gave mixed signals to Kelly who tried so hard, time after time, to abide by the friends only thing but really neither of them stood a chance.

These two had some delicious chemistry going on and I was more than happy with the sex scenes,not too long and drawn out-perfect for the story.

Recommended read...

Review copy

When Everything Is Blue

When Everything Is Blue - Laura Lascarso 4.5

Absolutely loved it!



One of the BEST friends to lovers stories I've read.

I'm not a massive fan of YA stories but when they're done well there is NOTHING better.This is so well written,conveying such strong emotions with two MCs that absolutely stole my heart.

Theo and Chris have been best friends for years.16 years old but,at times,showing so much maturity that their age didn't really matter.

Theo has been in lust/in love...maybe for years but doesn't want to tell Chris how he feels in case their friendship suffers.

Young love, with all the raging hormones,uncertainties,and questions it evokes.

This Author perfectly portrayed these boys feelings.Told only from Theo's pov this is such a touching story....because they are truly best friends,before anything sexual happens and their friendship is what made this story so special...

Theo is quite a loner.His only real friend is Chris but as a reader this was perfectly ok and he has a beautiful relationship with his mother and as someone who has a son I found this relationship so,so special.I adored his mother.Theo definitely isn't confused about his sexuality,or confused about his feelings for Chris but he's young,so when another boy shows interest he can't quite resist.....a decision that will have far reaching consequences......

Although you don't get Chris's pov(which I definitely wanted),you still get an understanding of his feelings towards Theo and I think,it's a good Author who can convey that.

The supporting characters were well crafted although not always likable and I loved how the Author didn't go down the easy route with Theo's father and wrap things up with a nice big bow on things.She kept it real,believable...

I started reading this and couldn't put it down and,really,what's better than a book you are so totally captivated by that you want to race to the finish line but at the same time don't want it to end?

Ending with a strong HFN ( because they're only young ),but I can totally envisage a HEA.......

Note to Author

More of their story please....maybe a few years down the line?

Review copy

Under His Stiletto

Under His Stiletto - K.A. Merikan
In this house it was just Mike and Momma.No one needed to know what kinky fuckery they were up to



Only these Authors could take on Momma/boy kink and make it work so well.

When Mike's fellow builders start cat calling Momma one day it's up to him to smooth things over if they don't want to get in trouble.Little did he know that an invitation to her house to receive his punishment is about to fulfil all his fantasies.....

Mike is very open about his sexuality,preferring not to label it but one thing he is partial to is a bit of discipline.....if you know what I mean.He loves the way Momma takes care of him and TOTALLY gets off on her strict ways....and he's more than a bit fascinated by what's hiding under those pretty dresses....

Momma might be a guy but she's full of feminine charm.She's like a 50's housewife...always beautifully turned out,making delicious food,and just wants to make her boy happy and,of course,demands the up most respect at all times....and if that means spanking Mike and more when he's bad...so be it.

"You're a bad boy.What if the neighbors knew of this? They'd get dirty ideas(...)"

Holy Hell these Authors know how to push the boundaries.I don't think I've read anything quite like this....
Don't be fooled by the subject matter and go in expecting loads of kinky sex scenes....there are only a few but they are quite delicious.

Momma wants something more than just sex but is Mike ready for a commitment??

Go on.Read it.You know you want to.....and be prepared for something quite unique.

Review copy provided by the Authors....and I think I've just about recovered.

The Silver Cage

The Silver Cage - Anonymous 4.5

Cal lived in his silver cage, though his heart had outgrown it years ago.(...)


Outstanding writing,characters so well developed....this story will stay with me for a long,long time.

I'm not writing any kind of review because you really MUST go into this one blind.

I'm linking Jan's review and I mean no disrespect to other reviews but her review conveys the emotion perfectly,without any spoilers,that I felt after reading this.

Favourite quotes

She deserved to know that I loved what had only ever been a chore to her.

“I think about you constantly. I wake up thinking about you. I fall asleep thinking about you. I’m always wondering what’s on your mind. I wish I could constantly hear your impressions. I think about what sort of gifts you would like, or places we could travel together. Even after we’ve been in bed ... (...)

Every song I hear seems to be about you. My hand doesn’t want to draw anything else. If I pick up an instrument, it’s you I’m playing for. When I’m working out, I’m thinking about the way you look at my body, how much I like it. I think about you more than I think about God now. So what else would I write about?”

The problem with second-guessing yourself is that you usually do it too late.

Definitely one of my best reads this year.

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