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You. Forever. Always.

You. Forever. Always. - K.A. Merikan 4.5


“I’ve been incomplete without you. You’re the only one I ever needed, and the only one I will ever need. No one else would do.”

it's always quite sad reading the final book in a series,saying goodbye to characters you've come to love.This series has a variety of couples that work together and as a group....a bit dysfunction at times but always loveable.

You get craziness with Dusk and Lolly,

Kinkiness with Sid and Asher,

And sweetness with Mage and Dawn.

Ever since I started this series,this is the one I've been dying to read and it was everything I hope it would be.Mage and Dawn couldn't have been more perfect for each other.Dawn's anxiety was handled with great sensitivity here and Mage's devotion to him was a joy to read.

Best friends from a young age Mage and Dawn's relationship has developed into something much stronger with a mutual respect for each other.This was the sweetest of slow burns.... Neither of them had ever been intimate with a man before and it was beautifully written with feelings galore and the Epilogue was truly adorable.

Could be read as a standalone but you'd be missing out on two other great couples in the first two books.

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