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Something Like Winter

Something Like Winter  - Jay Bell 4.5


I'm not apologizing for fangirling again here.I've read this and book one back to back and have absolutely loved the writing,the characters,the angst,the feelings.This Author's writing just pushed all my buttons.You know when something works for you,when you're glued to your kindle and cannot wait to get back to the story.

A companion novel to Something Like Summer but it's so much more than that.This isn't just the same story from a different POV.It takes the reader into Tim's world,his thoughts and his story when he wasn't with Ben....

I can imagine people not liking Tim in book one but I always knew there was so much more to him and you'll fall in love with him here.

This book,and book one,tells the story of two teenage boys whose connection is undeniable but life gets in the way with all the expectations and prejudices they face along the way.Spanning over a decade, it's a love story that I wouldn't have missed reading.

Highly Recommended.