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Every Time I Think of You

Every Time I Think of You - Jim Provenzano 5++ Stars.

"Every time i think of you,it always turns out good...


I stumbled across this one quite by accident after seeing a friend's status update and I just knew from the beginning this was going to be special.This Author can write and I'm still surprised by how many wonderful MM Authors that are out there that don't have more recognition.

I feel as though I'm repeating myself here but if you're interested in reading this don't read reviews because quite a few give indications about the subject matter.

This one completely stole my heart

It starts with a strange sexual encounter that will connect two characters and have a profound effect on their young lives.

Everett is beautiful,popular,enigmatic and has an easy charm about him.

Reid is a bit awkward,no one really sees him.

Their story is quite beautiful but not always easy to read but I just loved it.I read this in one sitting,I couldn't read it fast enough.Trust me,even if YA isn't your thing but you love MM ,this one will captivate you,

“There are so many things we can’t do, places we can’t be ourselves. Here,” his upward glance drew me to the dark tree branches, oaks mostly, canopied above us, “God sees us and likes it.”

But, you know, I hope you don’t mind me calling you my boyfriend. I’m not sure what we are, except you’re the most important person to me.(...)

…” I couldn’t explain how he’d inspired me, driven me to grow, and by loving him love myself. “(...)

“Are you happy?” “Every time I think of him.” Helen folded a sweater and said, “I guess people who are meant to be together will always find their way.”

And that last quote really is what this book is about

I can't really put into words how much I loved this book.The story is narrated by Reid but at no point did I feel the need to hear Everett's voice because Reid's voice is really all you need here.

It's a powerful story.A powerful love with all the insecurities that are inevitable with young love.

Highly Recommended.