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Oskar Blows A Gasket

Oskar Blows A Gasket - Al  Stewart, Claire  Davis 4.5


You know when you read books by your favourite Authors and they all end up using the same format with different characters?

Well,that's not the case with these Authors,their stories are brilliantly unique and this is no exception.

Everyone might not appreciate it but I absolutely LOVE how they keep it British.

Oskar is pretty fabulous, or at least he thinks he is,

From his,


-love of six inch heels,

-make up,


When he walks into a room he wants people to notice him,to be the one everyone's attention is focused on...if people snigger behind his back all the better because the focus is on him.So what if he tells Tall tales and tries to make himself appear mysterious/alluring....after all,so he tells people,he's the secret love child of the 80's icon Simon le Bon....and hello,all the drama that goes with it.....if there isn't drama there will be as far as Oskar is concerned.

But,behind all that sass there's an 18 year old boy hurting...terrified to let anyone get anywhere remotely close to him...


Gareth who Oskar names Bear....you'll have to read it to get it.....

Gareth is the polar opposite to Oskar.He wants to fit in,wants to be accepted but,above everything,wants to be Loved

Oskar and Bear meet on a train destined for University in Bangor in Wales.Was their meeting destiny/fate....I like to think so....

Mixed with all of Oskar's delicious sass and Bear's insecurities this is a quite poignant story in more ways than one.

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This was Totally my thing...

A recommended read...

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