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Guns n' Boys: Gilded Agony

Guns n' Boys: Gilded Agony - K.A. Merikan All the stars!!

"Sometimes I think it's impossible for two people to be so closely connected.Maybe we've met in a different life."


Seven books in and this series just gets better and better and how many series can you say that about?After years of reading MM romance books,Dom and Seth are still my favourite couple.In this book K.A. Merikan once again grab your attention and don't let go in what is my favourite book in the series so far.


This one is brutal in terms of Dom and Seth's relationship....

Seth seems to have the perfect life.Lazy days spent with their daughter Angelica,tending to his beloved chickens and hours spent in his beautiful kitchen creating wonderful food for his family.And,really,whatever he wants he eventually gets from Dom.But resentment is starting to creep up on him.Is he really happy being Dom's Trophy husband?....he might have the T shirt but is it enough?

For his part Dom is determined to keep the ugliness out of Seth's life as far as his work is concerned.After all Seth made it very clear he wants no part in any violence but is Dom's over protectiveness about to back fire in the worst way when a new face arrives at their home turning their world into chaos.

No matter how strong their love is will it be enough this time?

As usual,these Authors don't hold back.....they are never afraid to go there... and there are some shocking moments here but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Reading a new chapter in Dom and Seth's life always,without fail,makes me happy because along with the violence and self destruction it's a powerful love story,definitely not always pretty but completely compelling.......

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