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Hard Line

Hard Line - Sidney Bell 3.5


Tobias was always a good boy,eager to please.When he was young he announced he was going to be a doctor so he could spend all his days with his Papa....
What he hadn't expected was that,when he got older,it would be a given that he would follow in his Papa's footsteps and go into the medical profession.The pressure of expectations proves too much for him and his actions cause him to be admitted to The Woodbury Centre where he meets Church and Ghost who along with Tobias were introduced in book one.

After his treatment and back at home,life is still a struggle for Tobias.When he discovers a secret his adoptive parents have been keeping and when Ghost goes missing he moves out....he's determined to find Ghost whatever it takes.

Sullivan is a PI,working on a case when their paths cross.Could his case and Tobias's search for his friend be linked? And can these two men give each other what they need?

I found the plot quite complex at times and had to go back and read a few scenes more than once.I was terrified I was going to miss something vitally important.

Sullivan likes to dominate,something his previous partner wasn't really into to and Tobias didn't seem to know he had submissive tendacies until he met Sullivan.
Unfortunately,I didn't feel the connection between them as regards to the D/s relationship and some of the sex scenes seemed too clinical for me...I wasn't getting any real emotions.In fact I enjoyed their relationship away from sex more.

Overall,it was ok and I'll definitely continue with the series because I absolutely adore Ghost....I simply cannot wait to meet the man who will tame him.

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