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Under His Stiletto

Under His Stiletto - K.A. Merikan
In this house it was just Mike and Momma.No one needed to know what kinky fuckery they were up to



Only these Authors could take on Momma/boy kink and make it work so well.

When Mike's fellow builders start cat calling Momma one day it's up to him to smooth things over if they don't want to get in trouble.Little did he know that an invitation to her house to receive his punishment is about to fulfil all his fantasies.....

Mike is very open about his sexuality,preferring not to label it but one thing he is partial to is a bit of discipline.....if you know what I mean.He loves the way Momma takes care of him and TOTALLY gets off on her strict ways....and he's more than a bit fascinated by what's hiding under those pretty dresses....

Momma might be a guy but she's full of feminine charm.She's like a 50's housewife...always beautifully turned out,making delicious food,and just wants to make her boy happy and,of course,demands the up most respect at all times....and if that means spanking Mike and more when he's bad...so be it.

"You're a bad boy.What if the neighbors knew of this? They'd get dirty ideas(...)"

Holy Hell these Authors know how to push the boundaries.I don't think I've read anything quite like this....
Don't be fooled by the subject matter and go in expecting loads of kinky sex scenes....there are only a few but they are quite delicious.

Momma wants something more than just sex but is Mike ready for a commitment??

Go on.Read it.You know you want to.....and be prepared for something quite unique.

Review copy provided by the Authors....and I think I've just about recovered.