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Begging for It

Begging for It - Lilah Pace ***2.5 STARS ***

Well I loved the first book but this totally didn't do it for me....


Most of this review is in the spoiler,so if you haven't read this and intend to don't go any further

I couldn't wait to get my hands on this as book 1 was one of my favourite reads this year but I'm sorry to say it was a huge disappointed for me.
The first 20% or so was just repetitive from book one...ok,I've read the first one I don't need to be reminded.

The book opens with Jonah and Vivienne not together.
Once Jonah finds out she was actually raped he's not happy about 'role playing' rape scenes.....
This doesn't last long and soon they're back in full fantasy mode again.

There's a stalker/rapist ( I don't know why he was described as a stalker as he actually raped girls?)
Anyway...guess who's the main suspect (yawn)...didn't see that coming at all!!

This just bored me....
The sex scenes where, they were still playing out the rape fantasy did nothing for me and i ended up skimming most of them.I really couldn't feel any intimacy between them here...in fact I felt more of a connection between them away from the sex.

Let's get onto the stalker/rapist...I'm sorry but I just knew she would end up getting attacked(she's not raped)...

And what are the chances...she knew the guy!!!

The whole issue of her not being able to get off without the rape fantasy is kind of resolved...she has a sudden moment of clarity and realizes she is actually in control of her fantasy....

I still loved Jonah in this book but Vivienne annoyed the hell out of me.The only one I was routing for was her ex,Geordie...I was more interested in him getting his HEA to be honest.

I think this might be a case of 'It's not you,it's me' as this has got generally good ratings.
Just didn't work for me,unfortunately......